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Alien In Her Space Suit

Alien In Her Space SuitHere’s the blurb:

Captain Milana Kavor is on a spacewalk when her crew discovers the tentacled life form they’ve brought up from the planet for study has gone missing. When her suit’s systems start to fail and she notices an odd pressure on her thigh, Milana realizes she’s not alone in the suit. 

The alien is intent on making First Contact directly with the captain in a very intimate manner. Will she find a way to communicate with it? 

Alien Ride

Alien RideHere’s the blurb:

Shelley has a plan: hitchhike across the stars to Vega and become a Holovid Star. Getting there is going to be a problem, however. When the alien captain turns down her first offer of payment, she’s got to come up with a different plan. Turns out the captain already has an idea firmly in mind. 

Alien Addiction

Alien AddictionHere’s the blurb:

Haley is desperate to uncover the mystery of the gaps in her memories. She only has vague recollections of a location out in the desert. She drives out to the remote spot, hoping to jog her memory. When an alien brings her onboard his ship, Haley discovers a great deal more than just the mystery of her missing memories. 

Alien Frenzy

Alien FrenzyHere’s the blurb:

When a woman lets her lack of impulse control get the best of her, she finds herself in a life-threatening situation. A rescue comes in a very unexpected and alien form. She quickly learns that there’s a price for her rescue, and that price requires releasing her sexual control. 

Alien Insertion

Alien InsertionHere’s the blurb:

Joanna is one of the few humans to know about the nearly complete secret alien invasion of Earth. Joanna has learned of one potential way to guarantee her survival. But if she’s going to save herself, she will need to find one of the alien occupation cells and prove her worth to the aliens.