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Mounted by a Monster: Cave Troll

Mounted by a Monster: Cave TrollOf course there’s going to be a troll in that remote cave.  Here’s the blurb:

When Kerrie tries to hide a valuable object in a cave, she discovers that something else is already there: a cave troll. The troll isn’t about to let her just leave litter in his home, not without a price. But is it a price she’s willing, and capable, of paying?

Mounted by a Monster: Gargoyle

Cover-Gargoyle-2400_031014Sex in mid-air, monster style. Here’s the blurb:

When a young woman applies a restorative chemical compound to a French cathedral gargoyle, the last thing she expects is for the gargoyle to break free from its stony imprisonment. The young woman is the first thing the beast sees, and after nine hundred years the gargoyle has only one driving instinct.


Mounted by a Monster: Merman

Mounted by a Monster: MermanThis is a story about a woman who discovers a very stimulating merman. Here’s the blurb:

Lily doesn’t often wake up and find herself naked. Let alone wake up naked, alone, in an underwater grotto and accompanied by a strange but sexy Merman. All Lily wants to do is get back to the safety of the world she knows. The Merman, however, is the key to her escape and he’s got other plans for Lily.

Mounted by a Monster: Mirror, Mirror

Mounted by a Monster: Mirror, MirrorI’ve always wondered what might happen if the man could leave the mirror on the wall.  Here’s the blurb:

Leah’s been getting dating advice from the man in her mirror for years, she’s just never taken it. Jeremiah’s tired of having his advice fall on deaf ears and watching Leah make bad choices. This time he’s making a choice of his own, and Leah is about to experience the consequences in a very real way.

Mounted by a Monster: Doppelganger

Mounted by a Monster: DoppelgangerHere’s a new paranormal story involving the doppelganger legend.  It’s about a woman who wants her man to behave differently in bed. When he does start to behave differently, she finds out he’s not really the same man at all.

Here’s the blurb:

Mary’s billionaire boyfriend is perfect in almost every way, except for their utterly boring sex life. She has finally convinced Brandon to try a little fantasy role-playing. What Mary doesn’t realize is that a doppelganger has taken the role of Brandon in tonight’s game, and it’s no longer make-believe. To Mary’s delight, she discovers that the doppelganger doesn’t play anything like Brandon.