Alien Doppelganging

A woman abducted by aliens is alarmed to discover the nature of the experiments they wish to perform. They expect her body to respond in ways that she’s never experienced before. Can the aliens discover what it will take to bring her, and their experiments, to completion?

This paranormal erotic short story is about 3,800 words.


Here’s the blurb!

A woman on a cross-country road trip makes an unusual and unbelievable discovery. When an alien intelligence takes an interest in her mind, body, and soul, it leaves her unmistakably changed.

Mounted by a Monster: The Pandaman

Cover-Full-PandamanHere’s the blurb:

While working on a bamboo farm, Riley is certain she’s seen a giant panda roaming the grounds for late night snacks. But panda’s aren’t native to the Pacific Northwest, and no one’s believing Riley without proof. When she sets out to prove the panda’s existence, she discover’s a truth that’s even more unbelievable. Werebears do exist, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Just how far will the odd bear shifter go to maintain his secrecy?

Alien Size

Cover-Full-AlienSizeKelly just wants to find a man packing something large in his trousers. It’s almost too easy to find a man for a one-night stand at the convention in a local hotel. What’s not so easy is learning that the stranger really is from out of this world, and that he’s packing a size to match. Will Kelly be able to accommodate the alien?

Alien In Two Places At Once

Cover-Full-AlienInTwoPlacesAtOnceHannah can’t explain her co-worker’s inexplicable ability to be in two places at once. When she confronts him, she hears an outlandish story that she can’t believe. Zed has only one choice to save his secret, and that’s to give Hannah a hand’s on demonstration of his alien abilities.

The Alien Of My Dreams

Cover-Full-AlienOfMyDreamsMia had a very specific fantasy every night as she fell asleep in her mountain retreat. But when her dreams became more alien in nature, she had to discover the truth. When Mia sets the stage to catch the strange visitor in the act, she has a decision to make. Either put a stop to him or ride this new fantasy to its inevitable conclusion.

Alien Twister

Cover-Full-AlienTwisterBrittany thought she wanted to get away from the drama of her life, but moving to Ohio just filled her with utter boredom. Reduced to hoping for a natural disaster just for some excitement, Brittany wasn’t prepared for her first contact with an alien life-form. An alien intent on playing a different kind of game with her.

All the Aliens

Cover-Full-AlltheAliensAfter Casey’s ex-boyfriend’s attempt to getting her in a threesome fails, she comes to realize that she’s got a multiple-partner fantasy of her own. Only it doesn’t involve him, it involves faceless strangers. The one thing Casey doesn’t expect, however, is when the strangers end up not even being human at all.

Monster Erotica