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Mounted by a Monster: The Pandaman

Cover-Full-PandamanHere’s the blurb:

While working on a bamboo farm, Riley is certain she’s seen a giant panda roaming the grounds for late night snacks. But panda’s aren’t native to the Pacific Northwest, and no one’s believing Riley without proof. When she sets out to prove the panda’s existence, she discover’s a truth that’s even more unbelievable. Werebears do exist, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Just how far will the odd bear shifter go to maintain his secrecy?

Mounted by Monsters and Aliens: Mega Gang Bundle!

Mounted by Monsters and Aliens: Mega Gang Bundle!When one monster just isn’t enough.

All the gangs in one mega-bundle! Eleven stories brings over 40,000 words of hot banging goodness together in one boxed set. There’s an awful lot of action going on from aliens, goblins, orcs, gremlins, centaurs and werewolves! Whether it’s one at a time or all at once, these mythical creatures aren’t going to stop until she’s begging for more.

The stories in this bundle are from Mina Shay’s Alien or Mounted by a Monster lines and includes: Goblins, Gang Probed, Werewolf Pack, Bride of the Orc Tribe, Goblin Scavengers, All the Aliens, Gremlins on a Plane, The Forest Goblin Gang, Alien Train, The Centaur Herd, and Goblins At the Tower.

Mounted by a Monster: Hammered by a Hydra

Mounted by a Monster: Hammered by a HydraHere’s the blurb:

There are two things that Jackie doesn’t do very well: breaking up with ex’s and following rules. Her latest break-up has landed her in a secluded, ultra-luxurious private getaway on a Greek island. And of course, she can’t even follow the one simple rule once she gets there.

Jackie never expected those two items would ever bring her face-to-faces with a mythological Hydra. What will she do when the Hydra discovers her?

Mounted by a Monster: Black Eyed Being

Mounted by a Monster: Black Eyed BeingHere’s the blurb:

When the Black Eyed Being came knocking on her door, she should have turned the stranger away. But nothing exciting ever happened in the suburb, and the woman wasn’t even sure if he was real. Will she have the presence of mind to turn him away when she learns the true nature of the stranger and his desires?

Mounted by a Monster: Honey Werebear

Mounted by a Monster: Honey WerebearHere’s the blurb:

Charlene is determined to do anything to win this years blue ribbon in the Honey festival. Even if that means breaking and entering into Caleb Johnson’s barn to swap out the wrong jar of honey entered into the contest.

Charlene finds herself in a sticky situation when the bear of a man catches her in the act. What will she do when he displays much more than his usual grumpy self? Charlene is trapped inside his barn, with nothing between her and escape except for one grumpy werebear and a jar full of honey.

Mounted by a Monster: Mystic In My Mind

Mounted by a Monster: Mystic In My MindHere’s the blurb:

Misha has been repressing herself for far too long, and she’s finally ready to get some help with her mental blocks. She’s already found some success with an unorthodox mystic that cured her smoking habit. Is he the man that will be able to bring out the sensuous woman locked inside of Misha’s head? Is he even a man at all?

Mounted by a Monster: Bride of the Orc Tribe

Mounted by a Monster: Bride of the Orc TribeHere’s the blurb:

Tiffany isn’t in California any more. She doesn’t know how it’s happened, but she’s been summoned by a wizard that plans to give her to an orc tribe. Her sacrifice will convince the orcs to call of a siege.

Tiffany is faced with a choice. Become the bride of the orc warlord for the rest of her life, or become the bride of all the orc war-chiefs but only for a single night. The humans have their agenda, and the orcs have their own. But neither one of them suspects that Tiffany is planning a third choice of her own.