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Mounted by a Monster: Squidman Slips Inside

Squidman Slips Inside by Mina ShayHere’s the blurb:

Chelsea needs to get away from it all, and a stay at a beachhouse sounds like just the thing. Nothing exciting could possibly happen in this small, boring seaside town. The highlight of her stay is listening to the outlandish stories from the locals about the infamous Squidman.

Chelsea doesn’t put any stock in the outlandish stories. But will she have a rude awakening when she discovers that the Squidman isn’t just a thing of dreams?

Mounted by a Monster: Minotaur’s Mate

Minotaur's Mate by Mina ShayHere’s the blurb:

Betsy sure is proud of the largest corn maze in Nebraska that she helped design. Most tourists show up during normal business hours, but she just can’t help showing off to the sexy exotic Greek stranger that wants to see the maze after hours.

But when dawn comes, Betsy realizes that Ammon has a mythical secret. What will Betsy do once she learns that there is no maze that can thwart the minotaur!

Mounted by a Monster: Gryphon’s Release

Gryphon's Release by Mina ShayHere’s the blurb:

It’s Raina’s first day as the head zookeeper in a billionaire’s private menagerie. She knows he’s hiding something, but she doesn’t realize just how big his ancient secret is.

When Raina learns that her new boss is actually an enemy and not a benefactor, will she find aid in the form of a creature of myth?

Mounted by a Monster: Sacrificed to Anubis

mbam_anubis2_061415_2400Here’s the blurb:

Kaylie wakes up alone and scared, her vacation in Egypt interrupted. The last thing she remembers is the burlap sack. Now she thinks she’s been buried alive in one of the ancient tombs.

But is she really alone? What is that strange howling in the darkness? When Anubis comes to weigh her heart and determine her punishment, will Kaylie surrender herself to the god? Or can this modern American tourist show Anubis a different option?

Mounted by a Monster: Whale Shifter

Cover-WhaleShifterHere’s the blurb:

Annabelle has only one job, help her boss cheat the casino whale out of millions of dollars on his luxury yacht. Her boss has underestimated his target, and Moby discovers the cheating. When he goes to leave the yacht, Annabelle thinks he must be crazy as they’re miles out from shore.

Mounted by a Monster: The Coffee Zombie

Cover-Full-TheCoffeeZombieHere’s the blurb:

Trisha knows that moving into an apartment with her new boyfriend will be an adjustment. When he tells her that he’s a real zombie in the morning without his coffee, she doesn’t think to take him literally. When she gives him a very special morning surprise to wake him up, she’s the one that ends up with the surprise of her life.