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Mounted by a Monster: Doppelganger

Mounted by a Monster: DoppelgangerHere’s a new paranormal story involving the doppelganger legend.  It’s about a woman who wants her man to behave differently in bed. When he does start to behave differently, she finds out he’s not really the same man at all.

Here’s the blurb:

Mary’s billionaire boyfriend is perfect in almost every way, except for their utterly boring sex life. She has finally convinced Brandon to try a little fantasy role-playing. What Mary doesn’t realize is that a doppelganger has taken the role of Brandon in tonight’s game, and it’s no longer make-believe. To Mary’s delight, she discovers that the doppelganger doesn’t play anything like Brandon.

Mounted by a Monster: Nightmare

Nightmare demon
Nightmare demon

This release is a little bit darker, and involves a woman coping with nightmarish cocks. Here’s the blurb:

Cathryn’s been having terrible nightmares and they are destroying her sex life. She’s decided to face her unnatural fears once and for all, and to do that she’s got to control the demon haunting her dreams. Cathryn soon learns that control is almost impossible to keep in the throes of passion. Will she give in to her fears, or to her desires?

Mounted by a Monster: Leprechaun

St. Patrick's Day erotica!
St. Patrick’s Day erotica!

This is a new release for fans of St. Patrick’s day, and erotica a little bit different.  Here’s the blurb:

Janet makes a big mistake when she tries to steal some gold coins from a feisty leprechaun’s pot of gold. What she doesn’t realize is that Fergus has something big of his own, and it’s no mistake. Now he’s come to collect not just his gold, but also the interest due.

Mounted by a Monster: Snake


A new monster story is now available. It’s a snake-shifter! Here’s the blurb:

Janie works as an animal control specialist and she’s used to having the upper hand with animals. But when she meets a half-man, half-snake she finds herself losing control of the situation, and then losing control of herself to the seductive shifter.

Mounted by a Monster: Boogieman

Demonic Spanking!
Demonic Spanking!

A new monster story is now available. Demonic spanking! Here’s the blurb:

Lauren’s been a very bad young lady. While visiting home, she’s provoked her Mom to send her to bed with the exclamation “The boogieman’s going to take you!” Lauren braces herself for the boogieman’s visit, because she plans on being the naughtiest she’s ever been.

Mounted by a Monster: Kraken

Mounted by a Monster: Kraken
Release the tentacles!

A new monster story is now available. Tentacles! Here’s the blurb:

Something has been missing in the life of Lucy, a young woman constantly in search of adventure. Sailing on a private yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, adventure comes to her in the form of the massive Kraken. Much more than the sea monster it appears to be, the Kraken awakens Lucy to a life she never expected.