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Alien Exam

Alien ExamHere’s the blurb:

Breaking into the clinic was just the first part of Suzie’s plans for the evening. She had agreed to fulfill the ‘Alien Exam’ fantasy of her boyfriend. As the game gets underway, Suzie realizes that the two aliens examining her body are in fact from out of this world. When Suzie discovers the full potential of the alien’s medical technology, she has a choice to make. Will she choose to stop the exam or go for a full body check-up? 

Alien Influence

Alien InfluenceHere’s the blurb:

Annie’s not stupid, she knows aliens have been landing in the area fields and doing depraved things with the locals. But when an alien lands in one of her fields and starts talking to her, she begins to change her mind. It’s the way he says things, they just make so much sense to her now. But just how much will Annie believe, and will she act on these new beliefs? 

Alien Invitation

Alien InvitationHere’s the blurb:

Janet has one particular skill that has drawn the attention of an alien researcher from across the galaxy. He uses his advanced technology to transport Janet to meet him in his lab. The meeting doesn’t go quite as planned when Janet’s mind-blowing skills prove too much for the alien’s sensory technology to handle. Will Janet bring the meeting to it’s ultimate conclusion now that the illusions are gone? 

Alien Collision

Alien CollisionHere’s the blurb:

An alien mothership collided with the Earth several years ago, and now everything has changed. A young woman discovers an alien fugitive hiding at her ranch. Her curiosity and rebellious nature leads her to hiding the alien for several months. She wants to learn everything she can about the strange visitors, but is she prepared for the ultimate consequences of their secret relationship? 

Wrongfully Probed

Wrongfully ProbedHere’s the blurb:

Zoe has been stopped by a Trans-stellar Security Authority agent before boarding her transit ship to the outer reaches. The alien agent has confused her with another suspect. He’s convinced Zoe is smuggling contraband than can only be discovered by a very specific kind of probe. 

Will Zoe plead guilty just to end the interrogation? Or will she choose to experience the exotic probing that can prove her innocence, and discover untold sensations along the way?