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Star Seeded

Star Seeded by Mina ShayHere’s the blurb:

Lana isn’t superstitious. She doesn’t believe for one second that her wish on a shooting star will come true. When one of the shooting stars crashes into the earth not far from her, Lana expects at most to get an interesting souvenir.

What she finds at the crash site instead is an interstellar visitor. Will Lana be left with something much more than just a souvenir after she and the alien finish having first contact?

Aliens Anonymous

Aliens Anonymous by Mina ShayHere’s the blurb:

Mara is only at the support group for ladies with an addiction to alien visitations because she lost a bet. She doesn’t believe aliens are real, or that humans could possibly be inducing visitations from little gray men.

The more she hears at the meeting, the more she begins to wonder if there’s any truth to their stories. Mara sets out to find the truth, and soon learns that there’s nothing little about a gray visitor.

Alien Expulsion

Alien Expulsion by Mina ShayHere’s the blurb:

Carrie’s been expelled from her pre-med program and isn’t ready to face the music just yet. She decides to take the scenic route on the way home and finds herself lost in the middle of Montana. Carrie tries to get a motel room for the night, only to lose the last room to a sexy stranger.

The sexy stranger also claims to have recently been expelled from a research program on human behavior for inappropriate testing methods. He’s keen to continue his study and says he’d love to get inside Carrie’s head. But is that the only thing he wants to get inside of? And could he possibly be telling the truth when he says he’s from another planet?

Alien Implant

Alien Implant by Mina ShayHere’s the blurb:

Roxy was abducted by aliens weeks ago and has undergone countless medical tests. No permanent damage had been done until she woke up with mechanical implants on her face. One of the aliens explains to her that the implants are part of his plan to help her escape.

Roxy is thrilled at the thought of escape and quickly agrees to follow his instructions to the letter. But will she continue to follow his commands when she learns the full truth behind the implants?

Alien Seeding

Alien Seeding by Mina ShayHere’s the blurb:

The alien knows Monica, the soldier standing outside his cell, isn’t supposed to be there. She’s not one of the doctors come to run more tests. The humans were trying everything to learn more about his invading species.

Monica’s different though, she has a much more personal agenda. And the alien doesn’t see any harm in satisfying her curiosity in a very thorough manner. But is that the only reason that Monica has come to him in his cell?

Alien Biology

Alien Biology by Mina ShayHere’s the blurb:

Miranda might be one of the foremost leading experts in biology, but she’s never met a man that’s made her feel like a real woman. That is until she meets Ray, a man that is seemingly out of this world.

Miranda begins to question that he might just be too good to be true. But when she learns the full extent of his other worldly nature, her mind just might be blown.