Mounted by a Monster: Honey Werebear

Mounted by a Monster: Honey WerebearHere’s the blurb:

Charlene is determined to do anything to win this years blue ribbon in the Honey festival. Even if that means breaking and entering into Caleb Johnson’s barn to swap out the wrong jar of honey entered into the contest.

Charlene finds herself in a sticky situation when the bear of a man catches her in the act. What will she do when he displays much more than his usual grumpy self? Charlene is trapped inside his barn, with nothing between her and escape except for one grumpy werebear and a jar full of honey.

Mounted by a Monster: Mystic In My Mind

Mounted by a Monster: Mystic In My MindHere’s the blurb:

Misha has been repressing herself for far too long, and she’s finally ready to get some help with her mental blocks. She’s already found some success with an unorthodox mystic that cured her smoking habit. Is he the man that will be able to bring out the sensuous woman locked inside of Misha’s head? Is he even a man at all?

Mounted by a Monster: Bride of the Orc Tribe

Mounted by a Monster: Bride of the Orc TribeHere’s the blurb:

Tiffany isn’t in California any more. She doesn’t know how it’s happened, but she’s been summoned by a wizard that plans to give her to an orc tribe. Her sacrifice will convince the orcs to call of a siege.

Tiffany is faced with a choice. Become the bride of the orc warlord for the rest of her life, or become the bride of all the orc war-chiefs but only for a single night. The humans have their agenda, and the orcs have their own. But neither one of them suspects that Tiffany is planning a third choice of her own.

Alien Inside Me

Alien Inside Me by Mina ShayHere’s the blurb:

Meagan’s convinced that an alien has invaded her body and is causing her to have all kinds of inappropriate thoughts. Looking for answers, she goes to see a local expert in paranormal activity, Darren Johnson.

Is Meagan ready to discover the truth about herself? And what about the truth behind the sexy stranger?

Alien Compulsion

Alien Compulsion by Mina ShayHere’s the blurb:

Sadie’s always been a little bit impulsive about anything except losing her innocence. When her friends challenge her on a dare to eat a bizarre looking fruit while out camping, she thinks nothing of it. But this simple acts starts a sequence of events that ends up with Sadie discovering an alien.

She finds the visitor oddly compelling. But just how far will she trust the strange alien man?

Alien Train

Alien Train by Mina ShayHere’s the blurb:

Hooking up with a strange alien that’s going to show her the universe means that Ashley’s going to be exposed to a lot of different people. On her first alien world, Ashley sees mass transit in an entirely different way. Will she be able to ride the full distance with her alien passengers?