Mounted by a Monster: Rock Troll

Mounted by a Monster: Rock TrollThere’s just something about literally being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Here’s the blurb:

There is only one rule that Dana isn’t supposed to break as a new sales rep selling large decorative rock: don’t come to the sales office after dark. It’s a rule she doesn’t want to break after hearing the rumors about the anti-social owner that works only in the evenings. However she desperately needs something from the office.

When she gets there and discovers the shocking truth behind the mysterious Kathor, Dana finds out she’s desperate for something else entirely.

Mounted by a Monster: Make Me a Sasquatch

Mounted by a Monster: Make Me a SasquatchI couldn’t resist another bigfoot story. Here’s the blurb:

This was meant to be a very special picnic of firsts between Heather and Allen. At the first sound of a scary noise, however, her useless boyfriend demonstrates that he’s all talk and nothing like the dominant male he pretends to be.

Heather finds herself alone in the wilderness when the source of the noise makes itself apparent, a Sasquatch has found her picnic spot. He’s doesn’t just want a sandwich, either. The dominant alpha male has a deep hunger for something else that only Heather satisfy.

Mounted by a Monster: Merman Ride & Slide

Mounted by a Monster: Merman Ride & SlideIf you were a billionaire Merman, what kind of business would you own? Here’s the blurb:

Courtney has a list of to-do’s before she leaves her hometown for good, and discovering the truth behind the private parties at the local waterpark is at the top of that list.

Darren White is the mysterious billionaire and owner of Ride & Slide. He’s not just hiding his own secret, but one that affects the entire population of Merfolk.

When the inquisitive Courtney accidentally crashes his party, Darren has to take extreme measures. Will Courtney leave the waterpark with more questions than she arrived with?

Mounted by a Monster: In Her Closet

Mounted by a Monster: In Her ClosetWhat happens when the monster in the closet is very real? Here’s the blurb:

Claire has a bad habit of using her real estate client’s homes to fulfill her sexual fantasies. When one of her clients warns her about a monster in her closet, Claire dismisses it as idle fantasy. Later that night, she realizes just how real the monster in the closet really is.

Mounted by a Monster: Werewolf Hunting

Mounted by a Monster: Werewolf HuntingA new release featuring a werewolf. Because werewolf! Here’s the blurb:

Kelly suspects her boyfriend of two years has been hiding a dark secret and she’s tired of hearing his denials about it. If the only way she’ll get Marlon to admit he is a werewolf is to hunt him down during a full moon, then that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

But when Kelly confirms the truth, she’s the one that becomes the hunted. Now that she’s unleashed Marlon’s inner wolf, will he be able to control what happens next?

Mounted by a Monster: Cave Troll

Mounted by a Monster: Cave TrollOf course there’s going to be a troll in that remote cave.  Here’s the blurb:

When Kerrie tries to hide a valuable object in a cave, she discovers that something else is already there: a cave troll. The troll isn’t about to let her just leave litter in his home, not without a price. But is it a price she’s willing, and capable, of paying?

Mounted by a Monster: Gargoyle

Cover-Gargoyle-2400_031014Sex in mid-air, monster style. Here’s the blurb:

When a young woman applies a restorative chemical compound to a French cathedral gargoyle, the last thing she expects is for the gargoyle to break free from its stony imprisonment. The young woman is the first thing the beast sees, and after nine hundred years the gargoyle has only one driving instinct.


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